[關於 聲音協定]

The Project is made possible by the Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong's Sonic Transmission 2020 artist exchange program and with support from iii residency at Hague, Netherland.

Original Plan:

Owing to the Convid-19 Pandemic, the residency plan was adjusted to a remote residency; however, the recent 4th wave at Hong Kong made everything much more difficult to sustain. I will try my best to keep this project fresh and on track!

The objectives:

To set up an exhibition by showing findings, ideas and creations on the Sound Protocols.

To continue the interview with local and overseas artists/ musicians online/offline related to the Protocols.

To transcend everything I have learnt about the Sound Art since 2014.




Alternative Synth Workshop 5 December 2020

| AS A RESEARCH 資料研究 |

7 years ago, in a class, I came across the methods and knowledge of making musical interfaces.5 years ago, I made a set of toy-like sound objects. In 2021, I wish the knowledge and experience could be better documented and reached. This is a major objective of the Sound Protocols.

the "Ideal Instrument" and gaming gadget

Through the media archaeology method,(Surely with the love of gaming history) I recently came across the idea of "Lateral thinking with withered technology" by Gunpei Yokoi, the father of Gameboy. His invention method sparked a new way of creating things within the protocol. The number of "possible" alternatives are opened up .

the "Push Button"

the "Knobs"

the "Instrument"

References and Influencial Materials: (need revise)

Toys of the Avant Garde, museo picasso malaga,2010

Digital Humanities,2012

What Technology Wants, 2010

Living with Complexity,2010

Always Already New: Media, History, and the Data of Culture (The MIT Press)

Possible Worlds Idea

Remix Theory


BandaI Wonderswan, Nintendo GameBoy

Synthesizers by Teenage Engineering

Buttons Related:




Simple Concept- D Pad -Who Invented the D-Pad? | Gaming Historian


The History of Nintendo Game and Watch | The Greatest Inventor : Gunpei Yokoi


the development link and thoughts


The Protocols 1,2 & 3

Mythology and fiction .Where do we begin?

Apart from the Toy-like approach. My earliest attempt to create a New Media artwork using Arduino includes an idea from Greek Mythology - the Pyxis. One of my favourite DIY instrument RSG was also created by the inspiration of a manga series "Naruto". With the remix culture that we are under, I do enjoy creating project that has a certain aspects as creating comics... maybe this is the ideal.

"Ezekiel saw that wheel

Way up in the middle of the air

Ezekiel saw that wheel whirling

Way up in the middle of the air"

Ezekiel Saw The Wheel, Woody Guthrie


A Knob Prototypes Testing Experience - eZekiel aims to discover a process of designing alternative knobs for the synthesizer experience. From traditional material to 3D printing, the protocol is opening up new possibilities to the very basic component. This is a FORM exploration.

Medium: 3D Printing,Model Clay,ReadyMixed Materials

Protocol brief:

How to play it?

Just pick the knobs from the stand and attach them to the synthesisers. You may explore on the sound and noise generated while finding knobs designs that is fun to enjoy.

The protocol here is an exploration on the form 3D printing. require one to take the knob and then use it on the synthesiser. The shapes of the knobs were from pure imagination existing designs the idea is to find interesting forms and possibility within the discourse of the knob.

These exploration on form may be affected by tradition and ergonomics. However, the major goal of the protocol is about the experimentation of technology. The following linkages are topics strongly related.




Protocol linkage1 : 3D printing and its methods

3-D printing is one of the experimental area of this protocol. I've been working with 3-D printing since four years ago as being a practice of the product design process through the education of design and technology.

The use of CAD program and 3D printing has a strong potential in creating DIY interfaces and experimental synthesiser. With Ezekiel as a protocol, each of the 3D print knob takes around 20 to 30 minutes for printing, which is a reasonable speed . For the process of making trial and error based objects, the process of CAD design actually takes more time than the printing . However, once the 3D model is prepared, forms can be replicated . The printing technology allows application and fabrication to be smooth.

The file created in this particular project are based on the Onshape website . The use of the Onshape website allow me to publish the design to the public and share them with web link. People who are interested in further developing these shapes and forms can download the files easily online. Of course, there are different types of softwarethat could be used during experimental process . For examples on a Windows PC ,there’s already been a buil- in 3-D builder. Besides the Onshape web tool , I’ve been working with fusion 360 by AutoCAD , also Blender. The possibilities of designing 3D knob model of our own is limited to any related experience of using the hardware of 3D printer and the software of the CAD

in this particular project , I also experimented with the printer which is an open hardware design. It allowed modification that can benefit for the future prototyping process.




在此特定項目中創建的文件基於Onshape網站。通過使用Onshape網站,我可以將設計發布給公眾並通過Web鏈接進行共享。有興趣進一步開發這些形狀和形式的人可以輕鬆地在線下載文件。當然,在實驗過程中可以使用不同類型的軟件。例如,在Windows PC上,已經有一個內置的3-D構建器。除了Onshape網絡工具外,我還使用了AutoCAD和Blender的Fusion 360。我們自己設計3D旋鈕模型的可能性僅限於使用3D打印機的硬件和CAD軟件的任何相關經驗 在這個特定項目中,我還嘗試了一種開放式硬件設計的打印機。它允許進行修改,從而可以為將來的原型製作過程帶來好處。

Protocol linkage2: Form & Perception of playing

In the discourse of Instrument making, the visual and physical interface often is the major focus of the interactive experience. Sometimes, to create the most interesting instrument may include the violation of some traditional interfaces. However, the technology of the knob includes partly the potentiometer. This limitation of the the technology may affect the form imagination process.

Playing with these control include a strong tie with the psychological perception. Besides the relation of muscle memories, physical form of the control actually changed our attitude of approaching the instrument. One of my previous approach of creating sound objects was to reinvent alternatives to typical approach of an instrument. For example of the Found and Sound project The idea led to reinventing and reimagining forms of instruments.These alternative forms usually create new experience and interaction during playing. Most of the time, these methods of playing are limited by the form suggested by the instrument’s physical interfaces. With this protocol, the simple design of knob may also create huge perceptual differences in playing.



玩這些控制包括與心理感知的緊密聯繫。除了肌肉記憶的關係外,控件的物理形式實際上還改變了我們接近樂器的態度。我以前創建聲音對象的方法之一是重新發明典型樂器的替代方法。例如Found and Sound項目的發現導致了對樂器形式的重新發明和重新構想。這些替代形式通常會在演奏過程中創造新的體驗和互動。大多數情況下,這些演奏方法會受到樂器的物理界面所建議的形式的限制。使用此協議,旋鈕的簡單設計也可能在演奏中產生巨大的感知差異。

Protocol link3: The chess of Duchamp, Toys from the futurists … readymade approach

In this protocol, one of the influence about a knob had an Art history relation. In the action of creating a knob, it reminded me of one approach of creating art chess by some early artist. For example,I have seen in a Marcel Duchamp making his own sculpture of chess. This echoes with a modern prototyping and crafting process. Besides, the Avant-Garde artists from the same era also create Toys and tiny sculptures as a hobbies. I was particularly interested in the topics of Avant-Garde practice on the small objects such as toys and puzzle. One reason behind it is the inspiring design of some of these toys.

The major goal of the Ezekiel protocol is also about taking a ready-made approach The thinking and imagination within us towards the everyday interfaces are graspable. For examples, such as a key like form, a hook like form. One direction is about the tiny objects that we came across everyday. Moreover , in the discourse of stationery and even kitchen ware. There are interfaces in the forms and shapes of the everyday. For me they are all ready-made in our world waiting to be transformed. To make them out into the reality requires some methods such as sketching and sculpting . With the higher technology of 3D printing and CAD design , it seems is is easier to create physical copies of these ideas. Like a vision of Ezekiel, theseideas were visions previously unknown and unimaginable. The Ezekiel protocol act as a process to actualise them. The nature of imagination to forms and observation to ready-made are heavily linked as materials . These materials are still important for making any interfaces.


在此協定中,有關旋鈕的影響之一與藝術歷史有關。在創建旋鈕的動作中,它使我想起了早期藝術家創作國際象棋的一種方法。例如,我曾在馬塞爾·杜尚(Marcel Duchamp)中看到自己製作的國際象棋雕塑。這與現代的原型製作和工藝流程相呼應。此外,同一時代的前衛藝術家還創作了玩具和小型雕塑作為嗜好。我對諸如玩具和拼圖之類的小物件的前衛實踐主題特別感興趣。其背後的原因之一是其中一些玩具具有啟發性的設計。 以西結協議的主要目標還在於採用現成的方法。我們對日常界面的思考和想像力是可以掌握的。例如,例如類似鑰匙的形式,類似鉤子的形式。一個方向是關於我們每天遇到的微小物體。而且,在文具甚至廚具的論述中。每天都有各種形式和形狀的界面。對我來說,它們都已經準備就緒,正準備改變我們的世界。為了使它們變為現實,需要一些方法,例如素描和雕刻。隨著3D打印和CAD設計技術的進步,似乎更容易創建這些想法的物理副本。像以西結的異像一樣,這些思想是以前未知且難以想像的異象。以西結協議充當實現它們的過程。想像力與形式的本質以及觀察對現成產品的本質與材料緊密相關。這些材料對於製作任何界面仍然很重要。

Protocol linkage 4: Diversity in technology

One experience in the imagination of forms linked to a particular page of book called what Technology Wants, there is a particular idea features the evolution Medieval Knights and the different species of birds. For me, this metaphor is an expanded way to review technology and its relative changes in forms and function. This diversity, when compared to the one that exist in nature, often gives a context to the technology about its similarities towards biology.

Though the technology and its complexity are part of the science and design. In the perspective of art and design, we should look at it as a diversity of idea. The forms exploration practice should not be affected by the technology only. The imagination and development process of the technology forms are areas that worth mentioning. These methods and process, I believe can deliver inspiring approaches for creators.

In this aspect of diversity, it is also important to include a type of thoughts that is open-minded to the use of new tools.






A Digital Button Experimental Playground

The metaphor of Medusa is linked to an idea of creating a synth that include buttons that could be damaged by players. These buttons could also be able to replaced. Imagining a device full of cables and buttons, allowing player to explore on the best TOUCH and HANDLING of the digital interface.

Medium: 3D Printing,Model Clay,ReadyMixed Materials

"There were the ruthless Gorgones (Gorgons) : through their hair horribly serpents coiled with flickering tongues." Depicted on the shield of Akhilleus (Achilles), Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy 5


medium: prototypes, sketches of imagination of synths

I came across the myth of it earlier on... like 20 years ago, but in a reinvented form. It was believed that JRR Tolkien's LOTR's sword of Aragon was a remix of this myth.

For me, this metaphor the process of simply CREATING musical instrument.

What is an origin? Are there "possible worlds" ? Are there ALTERNATIVES ? It may be the best or the worst form.

This protocol also explore some possible way to reimagine STEM toys in the education market as musical devices.

"Nowhere in the Volsunga Saga is a clear description of Gram given, but there is enough scattered throughout the story to draw a picture of the sword. "-Wikipedia