S p r a y c a n SP01, SP02


instrument, sound object

SP01 & SP02 - musical devices 2014

collaboration with Dom Chung & Green Lau

Course and Tutor:

Building Interfaces for Ubiquitous Musical Expression/ Samson Young

The two musical Devices are developed in a course “Building Interfaces for Ubiquitous Musical Expression”. It is a group project with two other classmates : Dom Chung & Green Lau. The goal is to develop new instrument with alternative gesture and control. The method of realization is through the help of Arduino physical computing knowledge and OSD software such as Puredata.

SP01 and SP02 are musical instruments that feature a control gesture similar to the use of spray can in graffiti art. Our design process started with the form and outlook of the instrument. The idea was a modular device that allows switchable sensors.

During the course, we researched on different musical interfaces created by others. We then decide on the sensors and data transition methods. We chose different sensor for the unit. An accelerometer, a IR sensor and a potentiometer as main control.

In prototype I (SP01), we used ready-made objects to be the shell of the unit. An Arduino Uno board was used as a core. The main sensor is an accelerometer, with extra control using a potentiometer and button.

In prototype II, the designed truly followed the original idea, with IR sensor unit added on the top. The potentiometer was implemented into the body. The unit was run by an arduino nano core. The shell is made with acrylic plastic. The device can be linked with other musical instrument for performances’ need.

This project was presented at Hong Kong Arts Centre and ZHdK(Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) at Switzerland.

08 Spraycan from LUME on Vimeo.