Analog & Digital Fountain

Mixed-Media object, ( lcd screen, tape recorder, stool, hacked vga cables, computer)


To record, to play, to stop.

A war between the meaning and the meaningless. As Marshall McLuhan says “the medium is the message.” .The tool is where all context started. It is a game of ideology, symbols driven by art and technology. There are many noises yet silence. The obsolete and the forgotten stories shaped our world. 100 years ago, Duchamp R.Mutt made a bold move with his Fountain, wishing to change. However, we worshipped it as a monument . Now, we are bathing everyday in a fountain of the analog and the digital, a fountain of the R,G,B,L,R, a fountain of looping signals.

Lets manipulate the “loop”, to record, to play and to stop.