SP07 - Spray Can (aka. the Hokage)

Alternative music controller

IR sensor, 3 Axis accelerometer, Potentiometer, Arduino, Windows PC running Puredata, Acrylic.


co-developed with Dom Chung & Green Lau

Since 2014, there has been multiple versions of Spray Can.

Inspired by the gesture of painting Graffiti, the controller assigned sensors data of motion and environment scanning into sound with the help of Open sourced software - Puredata. With proper sound engineering and mapping, the possibility of the device is only limited to the code. The motive of the built was to create alternative option for musical expression.

The SP07 built is a complete edition of a stable system allows the display as a sound installation. User has an opportunity to experience it in a performance style of layout and setting. The touch version of Puredata patch is written to fit the situation as well.

Background writing:

After 2 years of usage, I came across idea such as an Analog version and a standalone version which the technology featured in the Found and Sound frame unit. Returning to a less ready-made form, the body was carefully designed with dimension and layout of part considered. SP07 was codenamed SP06 while based on the outlook of its origin SP02.

I am looking forward to use this version in any future performance.