Found N Sound


My graduation project development blog at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong .

Researches on instrument and sound devices.

Found N Sound is a project discovering the possibility of musical instrument design. The project is based on a ready-made aspect of using “found” materials and technology to make “sound”. Each instrument has its own character and form, through combination of materials. The selected 4 instruments are built with a concern of playfulness, a Guitar, a Spaceship, a Square and a Dinosaur. With different types of technology and mechanics, each instrument require a unique method to create sound. For the program part, Arduino and PureData is being used. The project aims to remove the barrier of interaction between musical instrument and the audience. The idea is about making them more toy-like object than the contemporary musical equipment to encourage the exploration and experiment of sound and noise within each artifact.

GuitaRail !!!!!

Guitar, Solenoid

GuitaRail explores a new mechanic device to play a guitar. When a button is pressed, the relevant solenoid is activated to make sound on the guitar. The rail is inspired by the toy of football and pinball machine .

HY-08 ##

Lego Bricks and Computer

HY-08 is an instrument that tests lego as working material. The knobs are designed as a space machine arms, each knobs provide data that trigger the relevant Puredata element. Sound is created by combination and arrangement of the knob values.

Saturn1 [ ]

Metal pipes,accelerometer

Tesseract2 is a music box that makes sound at different corner inside the apparatus through movement.

Stegosauremin ^^^

Plastic, Aluminum

Stegosauremin is a Theremin with a Dinosaur as a playful instrument for sound interaction.

Sonic Anchor#24 - Alter Again using part of the Found n Sound instrument