Pyxis 44



Pyxis44 2017 version


Acrylic,Wood, Electronics, Arduino platform

亞加力膠,木,電子元件,Arduino 開發平台

Mixed Media Installation

44 units,120x120cm


2013 - 2017

Pyxis44 is inspired by the Greek Mythology of Pandora and the idea of Blackbox in New Media Theory. In this version of Pyxis, words and meaning is being expressed on the display devices. Each module contains a set of theme with pre-coded words. The words, ranging from mythological characters,historical objects, location, animals, verbs to daily objects. The program randomly accessed these possibilities to form new combination. The random combination of words inside the modules may create an absurd or reasonable sense to you.



Commissioned by Asia Society Hong Kong, for Breathing Space Exhibition 2017