new project新計畫 : SOUND PROTOCOLS聲音協定 [ Showing on FEB 2021]A project that includes researches, prototyping, experimenting on sound interfaces and instruments. Continuing the ideas of the Found N Sound Projects with new methodologies such as interview and background documentation. The Project is made possible by the Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong's Sonic Transmission 2020 artist exchange program and with support from iii residency at Hague, Netherland.

Chess Piece _ noise=noise performance,2016

Jockey Club Street Music : Experimental Series 4,2016

Toy as MediumFloating Projects Collective, 2016Group Assembladge, Co-curated with Kel Lok

The Act of Tracing (2016) Para Site, Art Basel Hong Kongcurated by Jims Lam

Return Flight MEL>HKG_comics illustration (2018-2019)

Layer 2 illustration for - Dark Fluid Project (2016)

S e l e c t e d _ A u d i o _ W o r k s

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