[關於 聲音協定]

The Project is made possible by the Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong's Sonic Transmission 2020 artist exchange program and with support from iii residency at Hague, Netherland.

Original Plan:

Owing to the Convid-19 Pandemic, the residency plan was adjusted to a remote residency; however, the recent 4th wave at Hong Kong made everything much more difficult to sustain. I will try my best to keep this project fresh and on track!

The objectives:

To set up an exhibition by showing findings, ideas and creations on the Sound Protocols. The P

To continue the interview with local and overseas artists/ musicians online/offline related to the Protocols.

To transcend everything I have learnt about the Sound Art since 2014.

KEEP UPDATING : Full version Available on 1,Feb 2021/



Alternative Synth Workshop 5 December 2020

| AS A RESEARCH 資料研究 |

7 years ago, in a class, I came across the methods and knowledge of making musical interfaces.5 years ago, I made a set of toy-like sound objects. In 2021, I wish the knowledge and experience could be better documented and reached. This is a major objective of the Sound Protocols.

the "Ideal Instrument" and gaming gadget

Through the media archaeology method,(Surely with the love of gaming history) I recently came across the idea of "Lateral thinking with withered technology" by Gunpei Yokoi, the father of Gameboy. His invention method sparked a new way of creating things within the protocol. The number of "possible" alternatives are opened up .

I came across interesting stories about how the D-Pad was created rooted from the

the "Push Button"

the "Knobs"

the "Instrument"

References and Influencial Materials: (need revise)

Toys of the Avant Garde, museo picasso malaga,2010

Digital Humanities,2012

What Technology Wants, 2010

Living with Complexity,2010

Always Already New: Media, History, and the Data of Culture (The MIT Press)

Possible Worlds Idea

Remix Theory


BandaI Wonderswan, Nintendo GameBoy

Synthesizers by Teenage Engineering

Buttons Related:




Simple Concept- D Pad -Who Invented the D-Pad? | Gaming Historian


The History of Nintendo Game and Watch | The Greatest Inventor : Gunpei Yokoi


the development link and thoughts


The Protocols 1,2 & 3

Mythology and fiction .Where do we begin?

Apart from the Toy-like approach. My earliest attempt to create a New Media artwork using Arduino includes an idea from Greek Mythology - the Pyxis. One of my favourite DIY instrument RSG was also created by the inspiration of a manga series "Naruto". With the remix culture that we are under, I do enjoy creating project that has a certain aspects as creating comics... maybe this is the ideal.

"Ezekiel saw that wheel

Way up in the middle of the air

Ezekiel saw that wheel whirling

Way up in the middle of the air"

Ezekiel Saw The Wheel, Woody Guthrie


A Knob Prototypes Testing Experience - eZekiel aims to discover a process of designing alternative knobs for the synthesizer experience. From traditional material to 3D printing, the protocol is opening up new possibilities to the very basic component. This is a FORM exploration.

Medium: 3D Printing,Model Clay,ReadyMixed Materials


A Digital Button Experimental Playground

The metaphor of Medusa is linked to an idea of creating a synth that include buttons that could be damaged by players. These buttons could also be able to replaced. Imagining a device full of cables and buttons, allowing player to explore on the best TOUCH and HANDLING of the digital interface.

Medium: 3D Printing,Model Clay,ReadyMixed Materials

"There were the ruthless Gorgones (Gorgons) : through their hair horribly serpents coiled with flickering tongues." Depicted on the shield of Akhilleus (Achilles), Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy 5


medium: prototypes, sketches of imagination of synths

I came across the myth of it earlier on... like 20 years ago, but in a reinvented form. It was believed that JRR Tolkien's LOTR's sword of Aragon was a remix of this myth.

For me, this metaphor the process of simply CREATING musical instrument.

What is an origin? Are there "possible worlds" ? Are there ALTERNATIVES ? It may be the best or the worst form.

This protocol also explore some possible way to reimagine STEM toys in the education market as musical devices.

"Nowhere in the Volsunga Saga is a clear description of Gram given, but there is enough scattered throughout the story to draw a picture of the sword. "-Wikipedia